Summer Camps

Camp Y-Koda & Maywood: 2017

Camp Y-Koda and Maywood in Sheboygan County are all geared up to get your kids to “Return to Play” with their summer camps. Whether a day camp for a week, a full summer of fun, half-day programs for your littlest ones, or even a taste of sleepaway camp, they’ve got it all!

They’ve stuffed a full bucket list of specialty camps this summer to peak every child’s imagination and interests, all rolled into learning new skills, making new friends and getting outside!


Everything from adventures on the high seas with the Pirates & Princesses Camp, to discovering the furry, feathery, scaly and slimy animals that make up the animal kingdom at Amazing Animals Camp.


Go to a galaxy far, far away with Junior Jedi Camp or Taking Down the Empire Camp to learn how to use the Force, or to a galaxy nearby during Blast Off Camp! Or maybe you want a camp that's set to uncover a mystery a little closer to home, like Bigfoot perhaps?!


Get your Happy Feet groovin’ during a week learning all the latest dance moves, or for the child that loves getting dirty, slimy and grimy, there's a camp especially for you!


Have a Little Ninja, or what about a Ninja Warrior Wannabee? Get them all the training they need to succeed as they start studying the craft with a Little Ninja Obstacle Course or try out Ninja Warrior challenges.


And what’s summer without a little Wizard Magic? Attend a week at Hogwarts and being your transition into a flow blown wizard with house-sorting, Quidditch, Patronus skills and making your own camp-friendly Butter Beer!

Get your Mad Scientist outdoors while still discovering crazy concoctions, try Boots and Saddles Camp for your horse lovers, or Cupcake Wars Camp for an epic kitchen bake-off. They even have skill-based camps for fishing and hunting…and So Much More!


Camp Y-Koda & Maywood FAQ's

How do I Register?

See the full registration brochure for all details.

When is Camp?

Camps are available for 12 weeks over the summer: June 12,  and  ending the week of August 28: (June 12 - September 1)

Daily camp runs from 8:30 am - 4:00 pm.

Does my Child have to Attend every Week?

You can choose for your child to attend all summer or choose only the weeks they will attend. For weekly specialty camps, you can sign up just for the week or weeks that fits your child’s interest.

What is the Cost?

Cost varies by what you choose. Please see the full registration brochure for more information.

Want to Attend with a Friend?

If your child plans to attend camp with a friend or group of friends, you may request they be placed with the same counselor by filling in the “Friend Request” during registration.

  Camp Y-Koda FAQ's  

What is Camp Y-Koda?

Camp Y-Koda is an 80 acre camp located just west of Sheboygan Falls and features a beautiful stretch of the Sheboygan River for canoeing, kayaking, tubing and nature studies, and also features a swimming pool, four acre lake, bb gun and archery range, basketball and volleyball courts, playground, soccer field, arts and crafts center and camp store, and a huge slip and slide.

Is Extended Care available during camp?

Camp Y-Koda offers before and after camp care at the Sheboygan YMCA, Sheboygan Falls YMCA and new this year, at Camp Y-Koda.

Is Transportation available?

Transportation Routes are available throughout Sheboygan, Kohler, Sheboygan Falls. Buses run every week with different pick-up and drop-off points throughout Sheboygan, Kohler and Sheboygan Falls. A camp staff member is assigned to each bus as a monitor. A full transportation schedule is available.

Is there a Sleepover Camp?

On Thursdays, campers leave at 4:00pm and then return later with their family for the FamilyProgram and Sleepover. The campers sing camp songs and perform entertaining skits for parents.This event allows parents to meet the counselors and see the fun activities the camper has been doing all week.

  Maywood FAQ's  
What is Camp at Maywood?

Maywood Environmental Park campers spend the majority of their day immersed in Maywood Environmental Park’s diverse habitats, learning and playing. We take time every day to explore the outdoors, fostering a connection to nature.


Is Transportation available?

Bussing will be provided from specified locations to and from Maywood. Please see the full registration brochure for the bussing route.

Is Extended Care available?

Extended care will not be available at Maywood this summer.


Is there a Sleepover Camp?

On Thursdays, campers leave Maywood at 4:00 pm as always, but are welcome to return at 7:30 pm for a sleepover.  Campers will sleep in tents provided by camp. If inclement weather is forecasted, the sleepover will be moved indoors. Friday breakfast is provided, followed by the regularly scheduled Friday field trip to Camp Y-Koda.


Camp Y-Koda Camps

  Camp Y-Koda’s Camps 

Pee Wee Camp

Offered Weeks 1 -12

Ages 4 - 5

This program is designed especially for young children to enjoy a great camp experience. The Pee Wee Program is run by its own director who develops age appropriate curriculum and activities. We pay special attention to our youngest campers to make sure that their first camp experience is a positive one. Pee Wees will attend the Family Program, but won’t sleep over. All Pee Wee Camps have a theme each week: “Science Kids”, “Great Dory Mystery”, “Star Wars”, “Art Fun”, “Music & Magic”, “Animal Adventure”, “Gone Fishing”, “Earth Rangers”, “Little Farmer”, and Water Party.”


Day Camp

Offered Weeks 1 -12

Ages 6 -12

Day Camp is one of the best ways to experience the fun of Camp Y-Koda! Campers are placed into groups with similarly aged children.  Think of it as the “sampler” of all the different camp activities. On any given day during the week, campers may participate in archery, boating, climbing wall, fishing, fort building, nature studies, team building and so much more.


  Specialty Camps at Camp Y-Koda 

Specialty Camps are grouped together by age, and designed around a specific theme or skill. Specialty Camp instruction is Monday-Thursday in the morning, and then campers participate in traditional camp activities the rest of the day. On Friday, most specialty campers participate in the “all camp” activity versus their specialty activity. Below are just a sample of some of the awesome camp adventures that await at Camp Y-Koda. See the full registration brochure for ALL camps offered.


Boots and Saddles Camp

Week 1, 2, 6 & 10: June 12-16, June 19 - 23, July 17 - 21, and/or August 14 -18

Ages 7 - 10

Spend time with other horse lovers learning everything there is to know about horses. Monday - Thursday in the morning, campers will visit Forward Farm. Ginger Schinktgen will introduce you to her resident horses and teach you about horse care, safety, equipment, horse handling practices, plus riding!

Hunter Safety Camp

Week 1, June 12 - June 16

Ages 11 - 16

This camp provides an opportunity to become Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Hunter Education certified. Instruction will be held each morning and campers participate in day camp activities in the afternoon. The skills you acquire at this camp will improve your chances of bringing home venison on opening day!


Junior  Jedi’s   Camp   

Week 2, June 19 - June 23

Ages 6 – 8

Welcome to a galaxy far, far away. In one very exciting week, our Junior Jedi’s will learn how to use the force through a series of games, challenges, crafts and more.  Campers will enroll in our Junior Jedi Academy where they will construct and learn proper light saber safety and usage. Games and challenges against the evil empire will test their skills.


Pirates and Princesses Camp

Week 3, June 26 - June 30

Ages 5 - 7

Come to the land far away where beautiful princesses live and share their kingdom with brave and fearless pirates.  This camp will be packed full of adventurous activities, crafts, stories, dress up and more!

Road America Racing Camp

Week 3, June 26 - June 30

Ages 12 - 16

Learn to race like a pro during this camp of speed! Our week will be spent at Road America racing go-karts on their very own Motorplex track designed specifically for kart racing. Learn safety, technique and tips from the pros as you race against your own best time and fellow campers. Because we feel the need for speed, we will also take a trip down Road America’s 1200’ zip line, reaching speeds of up to 50mph!


Ninja Warrior Camp

Week 5, July 10 - July 14

Ages 9 - 12

Do you have what it takes to become the first Camp Y-Koda Ninja Warrior? Will anyone complete the entire course?  Who will get the farthest? Test your ninja skills through daily workouts, challenges and obstacle courses. Some of the challenges will be designed around the popular television show. Good luck ninjas!


Camp Cartwheel

Week 5, July 10 - July 14

Ages 6 - 8

Spend the morning tumbling, flipping and swinging at the Sheboygan YMCA Gymnastics Center with their quality instructors. Spend the afternoons at camp swimming, splashing, running, building and playing with all your friends. Gymnastic skills taught are introductory through level four. This camp is only offered once every couple of years and it fills fast!


Cupcake Wars Camp

Week 6, July 17 - July 21

Ages 10 - 15

Join us in the kitchen for a bake-off of cupcake sized proportions. Learn how to make cupcakes just like the professionals and see how your batch stands up against the other chefs in the kitchen in this friendly baking challenge camp. We will test new recipes each day and judges (lucky office staff) will decide the winners. Parents can test the cakes at the Family Program on Thursday night.


Amazing Animals Camp

Week 7, July 24 - July 28

Ages 6 - 8

Campers will learn about the many furry, feathery, scaly and slimy animals that make up the animal kingdom. Each day will feature a visit from the special animal guest, crafts and more.  The highlight will be a mid-week field trip to the NEW Zoo in Green Bay.

A Week in Wizardry Camp 

Week 7, July 24 - July 28

Ages 9 – 12

 Attend a week at Hogwarts and begin your transition into a full blown wizard through a series of games, challenges, adventures, crafts and more. The week will consist of wand making, house sorting, patronus classes and crafting our very own camp friendly butter beer. Of course, there will be Quidditch matches as well! If you love Harry Potter, you will love this camp!


Little Ninjas Camp

Week 9, August 7 - Augsut 11

Ages 6 - 8

If you want to someday compete to become Camp Y-Koda’s first Ninja Warrior, you must begin your training at a young age. Start to study your craft through climbing trials, balancing tests and agility challenges. Spend each day running, jumping and climbing through our Little Ninja Obstacle Course and try out the “little ninja sized versions” of the Ninja Warrior challenges.

Taking Down the Empire Camp

Week 9, August 7 - Augsut 11

Ages 9 - 12

Join the rebellion against the Empire in this action-packed week of games, challenges and adventures. Campers will turn one of our sites into their hidden rebel base that will serve as their headquarters for the week. New challenges and games will be presented each day with the end goal of defeating the Empire.


Happy Feet Camp

Week 10, August 14 - August 18

Ages 6 - 8

Spend a week making new friends while learning the latest jazz, ballet, hip-hop and Zumba dance moves. Instruction will focus on development of rhythm, motor skills and technique. All levels of dancers are welcome in this camp.


Mad Scientist Camp

Week 10, August 14 - August 18

Ages 6 – 8

 Do you like to see things fizzle, ooze or maybe even ignite?  Do you just love mixing things together to see what happens? If you do, slip on your lab coat and spend the week conducting experiments and creating crazy concoctions at Camp Y-Koda.


Advanced Fishing Camp

Week 11, August 21 - August 25

Ages 9 - 12

Monday will be spent practicing on the camp lake and refreshing the skills of casting, knot tying, baiting, removing fish and changing between live bait and lures. Tuesday and Wednesday will be spent fishing some other local hot spots. On Thursday, we will return to the camp lake for a fishing tournament! 

High Ropes Camp

Week 12, August 28 - September 1

Ages 10 - 14

This camp is for the child who knows no fear or likes to tackle challenges. Campers will get to challenge themselves on all of our many towering obstacles such as our 40 foot Climbing Wall, the Giant’s Ladder, Catwalk, Multivines, Swinging Chairs, the infamous Zip Line and the Pamper Pole.


Maywood Camps

Below are just a sample of some of the awesome camp adventures that await at Maywood. See the full registration brochure for ALL camps offered and to register.


Eco-Buds Camp

Weeks 5 -10  (July 10 – August 17)

Ages 5 - 6

Eco-Buds is a half day camp specifically designed for 5 and 6 year olds as an introduction to camp. Campers will experience traditional camp activities such as nature hikes/ programs, stories, unstructured nature play, crafts, games, character building and more. The eco-bud program will prepare your child for a smooth transition into a full day camp at Maywood or Camp Y-Koda.

We pay special attention to our youngest campers to make sure they are engaged and to make certain their first camp experience is a positive one filled with lasting memories. This camp is Monday - Thursday from 8:30am – 12:00pm, there is no camp on Friday.


Little House on the Prairie Camp

Week 5

Ages 7 - 9

Put on your best bib and tucker and join us for a week of pioneer fun. Activities include making homemade sweets, pioneer games, crafts and much more. A field trip to the Wade House for a tour of pioneer life and a hayride is included with this camp. Pony up, this camp will be a hogkillin’ time!


Blast Off Camp

Week 6

Ages 7 - 9

Join us for a week of exploration into the many wonders of outer space. Campers will learn about the sun, moon, stars and planets; launch rockets, try astronaut food, design a giant space craft and go on an alien hunt. This camp includes a Thursday night sleepover under the stars with a telescope. 


Team Survival Challenge Camp

Week 7

Ages 10 - 14

Join a tribe at Maywood and compete to be the first ever Maywood Survivor Week Champion. The tribes will engage in challenges designed to test their survival skills, endurance, smarts, determination and more. Fire starting, orienteering, river walking, obstacle courses, scavenger hunts and more fun challenges will have everyone tired by the end of the week. 


Finding Sasquatch Camp

Week 8

Ages 7 – 9

 Is the legendary Bigfoot roaming the grounds at Maywood?  Campers will join the search party and follow clues given to them daily in an effort to finally capture the mythical creature. Campers will also learn about and investigate other mythical creatures throughout the world through stories, crafts and more.  


Wild Child Camp

Week 10

Ages 7 - 9

This camp is especially designed for the wild campers who don’t mind getting dirty, sweaty, wet or muddy. These campers like to climb, crawl and investigate. There will be plenty of that in this action-packed week of wild nature play.