Summer Camps

Rahr West Art Museum

The Rahr-West Art Museum offers Summer Programming for the entire family. Spend your summer days creating something wonderful at one of their imaginative Summer Camps. Put your child's creative energy to good use through a variety of camps that explore everything from clay creations to gallery exhibits!

The Kids Clay Camp offers a kids to get hands-on with rolling slabs of clay and pottery tools, as they make everything from garden stakes, to family art, to  platter masterpieces.

Your young artists get a chance to dabble in Mixed Mediums, like watercolor and foil art. They can then make their own 3D sculptures using natural items and more!

Have a preschooler that wants in on the fun, too? Don't panic,  there's have a perfectly messy camp just for them - because what fun is art without a little splatter?!

And for your growing artist, they'll be inspired by Rahr-West's Marc Chagall LeCirque Exhibit and create their own artistic interpretations. 

Read on for more details, and visit Rahr-West for ALL registration and information.


Rahr West Youth Summer Camps

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Ages 6-12 years old
2:00 - 3:15 pm
$35 each month - members / $70 non-members

The first week we are hand-building the piece and the second week is glazing. The project will need to be fired again after glazing and will be ready for pick up the following week. Attend one session, two or all three!


See sessions below:


JUNE 13 & 20
Hand build from clay a beautiful flower for your yard or garden. As the artists, you will be able to design the flower petals, center and leaves. Learn how to roll out a slab of clay, use pottery tools and the basics of hand-building. 
No experience is necessary!


JULY 11 & 18
Create a very special and fun ceramic piece. Each member of your family will be created individually, using a slab of clay. Once completed, they are all stood up with their hands joined in a circle to represent family unity. Makes a great centerpiece or candle holder. It will certainly be a conversation piece!


AUGUST 8 & 15
This will be a wild and fun project! First, we will be hand-building a platter with free form edges using a slump mold. The crazy fun part is glazing day. Instead of using our hands to hold the brush, we will be using our toes! Yes, you heard it right! While sitting in a chair,the paint brush will be placed between your toes and your legs will help guide it. It will be a fun and crazy way to paint an abstract design on the platters using glazes..


 Young Artists  
Tuesdays, 11:00 am  - Noon

Ages 6-12 years old
$2.50 per class - Members / $5 Non-Members

Mixed Medium Masterpieces

This summer, we will create four works of art, each inspired by a different artist:

  • July 11: Watercolor Cats: Inspired by Andy Warhol's cat paintings

  • July 18: Textured Landscapes: Inspired by Van Gogh's "Starry Night"

  • July 25: 3D Foil Art: Inspired by Alberto Giacometti's "The Square"

  • August 1: Getting Close-Up With Nature: Inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe

3D Sculptures

This Summer we will make some amazing 3D sculptures using rocks, wood, nylons, hangers, aluminum foil and more!

  • August 8: Abstract Sculpture Part 1: Must attend both the 8th & 15th to complete

  • August 15: Abstract Sculpture Part 2: Must attend both the 8th & 15th to complete

  • August 22: Art that "Rocks": Rock Sculpture

  • August 29: Totem Pole: Create your own totem pole using a large cardboard tube, paper, paint and other supplies.

 Preschool Panic 
Wednesdays    10:00 - 11:00 am
Ages 3- 5 years old

$2.50 per class members / $5 non-members

Each week, weather permitting, we will meet in the front yard of the museum, read a story and do an art project.  This class is held outside because it is designed to be MESSY!  Please make sure you and your child are dressed appropriately.

  • July 12: Swatter Spatter Painting

  • July 19:  Potato Painting

  • July 26:  Double Bubble!!

  • August :  Painting with Natural Items 

 The Myth & Magic of Marc Chagall 

Thursdays: July 13th, 20th & 27th
$15 (3 sessions) members/ $30 non-members

Grades 1-6
10:00 - 11:30 am
Based off Rahr-West's Marc Chagall LeCirque Exhibit, students will draw a picture of an animal, dress it and give it human characteristics, just as Chagall did with his animal depictions.

Grades 7-12
12:00 - 1:30 pm
Based off Rahr-West's Marc Chagall LeCirque Exhibit, students will incorporate fantasy into their artwork. They will be inspired by Chagall's animals and floating figures.