Customize Your Calendar

Our Family Event & Activity calendar is designed to allow you to tweak exactly what works best for you and your family!

Our dynamic calendar gives more than just the basic details. We not only provide the essentials, like date & time, but also give you the chance to sort from a variety of filter categories to view ONLY the events YOU want.

Here are some pointers to make sure you get the most out of your calendar:


Choose which view suits your needs!

The Posterboard style gives you a tile view of pictures and details for upcoming events.

You can simplify the viewing to Agenda, which gives you a line-item look, or the more traditional Daily, Weekly or Monthly view:

Stream view works best on your mobile device:


View all available events, or filter to your preference.

Choose from a variety of categories, such as Library Events or Performances, as well as filter to a certain county or community, or age-range. There is even a filter specific to upcoming holidays, like Fall Festivities, and Holiday Festivities!

Choose as many filters as you'd like - make your calendar work best for you!

Bookmark & Share

If you have your calendar customized exactly how you prefer, you can always bookmark it to view it later, subscribe to it, or share it with others!

Have fun customizing your calendar for exactly what you need. Check out what's happening now!

Also, if you know of an event missing from our calendar, you can Submit an Event here.

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