Listen to the Beat: Kindermusik Classes in Our Communities

We love to dance in our house. With two little ones with boundless energy, we regularly turn up the volume and groove in our own way. And as much as we like to pretend in the moment that we are the next great family dance crew to hit the town, I know that my kiddos could probably benefit from a real music class – complete with instruments, learning about keeping the beat (something mama isn’t great at), and having fun along with their peers.

With that in mind, my children and I ventured to a local Kindermusik class offered by Take Note Studio, ready to dance and wiggle, and knowing my littlest one, add in some shrieks, too!

While I have heard the term “Kindermusik” before, I admit I only knew about it the most general terms – that it was a simply a music class for kids.

We soon discovered, it’s actually

a fantastic musical adventure

worth exploring!

We were welcomed into the class by parents and children and lots of toys. Our Kindermusik instructor, Lileah, had a calming voice and whimsical style that resonated with all the kids. She made it a point to interact with each child one-on-one and provide individual attention, laughter, and encouragement, along with engaging the group of us.

Every part of the class was done with intention – we weren’t just told to put instruments away, instead it was a gentle transition with its own song and activity to help guide the children. I don’t know about you, but when I mention the phrase “time to clean-up” to my kids, tragic cries ensue. And worse, if they have new, musical toys they need to put away…well, it’s not going to happen without some....uh….resistance. Lileah made moving on to the next activity just as fun as the activity itself- whew!

We bounced, clapped, jumped, giggled,

and danced the time away.

The class was packed with musical activities. We sang songs, tapped along to varying beats with drumsticks, played games with allegro and adiago concepts, danced with scarves, practiced stop-and-go techniques to music, participated in musical storytime and zoomed around in laundry baskets. It’s incredibly easy to engage as a parent - there are no judgments on dance moves or singing ability here, just moms and dads looking to have fun with their littles!

We had a blast with toys and instruments, and I was able to relax knowing that tapping sticks on walls was actually A-OK in this environment. This wasn’t a class about sitting still and paying attention – it was about modeling behavior for our kids to follow, letting them take the lead, and encouraging everyone to join in.

To give them the freedom to explore

while also modeling simple behaviors myself,

made the class enjoyable, easy, and stress free.

And an added bonus? Lileah took out her violin and mesmerized us with her talent, as we all sang and danced together.

A huge variety of Kindermusik classes are offered in our community for every age range, all under the direction of Jessica Hansen at Take Note Music Studio in Manitowoc. Classes are currently held in Kohler and Manitowoc – view our calendar for one that fits best for you!

Classes run throughout the year with a monthly fee. Each 5-week class model brings a new focus and new music – and you can stay enrolled for as long as you'd like! Everyone gets home materials accessed via a website, such as the unit playlist and various other home activities and parent resources.

Want to try out a class before committing to the tuition fee? No problem. The classes meet the needs of choosy parents who want to try it out like we did. The sessions aren’t designed to start at a specific date – you can jump in now or at any time in one of the classes for a $10 introductory fee. If you want to continue the fun and join the class, that fee will be applied to the first month’s enrollment. The easy and flexible schedule allows you to make up any classes you miss by joining in any of the other classes offered that week!

For more information, visit Take Note Music Studio.

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