Weekday Picks: Squishing, Singing, Reading, Building, November 7-11, 2016

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This week you are in either in the parenting stage where the recent ending of daylight savings may have scored you the chance to actually sleep in .... or are you in the stage where it Doesn't. Matter. At. All? (Raises hand wildly!)

In either case, November has made its debut, and with that comes exciting ways for kids to explore their creativity – wherever their interest lies. Plus, it’s a great week to explore something new outside of normal comfort zones – think singing, playing, reading, and building...and yep, squishing!!

This week we start off with squishy sensory indoor fun (don’t worry parents, the mess will still be contained outside your home!). Get some reading practice in with some furry friends, build your imaginations literally with LEGO designs, and get ready to sing your little hearts out.

The end of this week is all about American Pride as we take the time to salute and thank the veterans for their service.

Read on for the best bets for this week, and be sure to click over to our jam-packed Event Calendar for even more fun! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to be sure you don't miss a thing.

Monday, November 7

Let's Explore Squishy & MorePlymouth

Babies and toddlers use a mishmash explosion of sensory data to make sense of the world around them. The more squishy, messy, scratchy, nubby fun we can show them, the more they learn! Head to the Plymouth Art Center for a morning of sensory play planned with wee little fingers and toes in mind. Prepare to join in and get grubby!

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Tuesday, November 8

Read to Therapy Dogs Manitowoc

At this event kids pick out books and then read to the Aurora Therapy Dogs at the Manitowoc Public Library. This is a chance for early readers to practice their literacy skills in a non-threatening environment. Dogs sit patiently as the children read or tell stories to improve their reading and verbalization skills. The dogs love the kids and are very gentle, letting the children pet them and touch them. Fun for all!

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Wednesday, November 9

LEGO Club – Kiel

Drop in at the Kiel Public Library and take the challenge! Put your imagination to work as you build creations that will be displayed throughout the library.

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Thursday, November 10

Karaoke for Kids - Sheboygan

Sing your little heart out! Meet us in the Just Kids Dental Recording Studio at Above & Beyond Children's Museum for karaoke entertainment.

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Friday, November 11

Veterans Day Program Elkhart Lake

The Elkhart Lake school district would like to invite the community to attend and share in this event honoring all who have served or are currently serving. The High School Band and Chorus will perform a few selections for this event, which will also include speeches and poetry reading from students.

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