Election Week - Kid's Vote, Too!

In case you've been taking cover under a rock (not that I blame you), it's obviously a big day in American Politics...but who says it has to be up to the adults? While we take to the polls this week to cast our poll into the political pool, this can also be a great time to teach our children about the voting process. Our big elections take place only 4 years, so take this chance to have a conversation about Washington D.C., choosing a leader, and how every vote can count.

Then, follow it up with the real deal - a poll where kids decide the outcome!

A fun way to bring the voting home is to create mock ballots with different dinner and dessert choices. Have each family member mark their own ballot and cast their vote...and follow through with the winning meal.

It can be fun to vote within your family, but it also can be just as exciting to get out to the polls.

Kids can participate in the democratic process by voting for their favorite picture book character running for election this year at the Plymouth Public Library. Who should take their place in the nation’s capital? You decide!

Voting will be open from Monday, October 31 through Tuesday, November 8.

Use our special voting booth to cast your vote, and drop your ballet in the ballet box.

Results will be announced on Wednesday, November 9.

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