More than a “Mom Break”: The Women’s Break Away!

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2am wake-up calls. Last minute school projects. Creatively sneaking veggies into meals. Telling your son for the tenth time to please stop licking his brother, or trying to figure out the secret to keeping your daughter's hair untangled...even after you just brushed it two minutes ago.

All of these things are part of mom life. Most moms take it on with determined gumption, fortitude and sometimes with just our sheer will to power through this crazy parenting path. It doesn't matter if we are working moms, stay-at-home moms, part-time working moms or whatever. A mom is a mom is a mom...and sometimes mamas need a break.

I'm not suggesting a tropical getaway (although that would be nice!) or even a weekend trip to Door County. A "mom break" is usually fifteen minutes in the bathroom by yourself, grocery shopping without doing a dart-and-dash with hungry toddlers in tow, or free-ranging Target to just, you know...look without interruption. When my husband entertains the kids and I can put laundry away without half of it ending up flung across the room in my toddler's attempt to "help" - yep, that's a mom break.

But, while we all appreciate the mom breaks, most are taken in the midst of it all - in our bedrooms, our bathrooms, our basements or even our closets! Sometimes it's nice to actually get a break away and reconnect. Reconnect with others, reconnect to the world outside, reconnect with things that bring us joy, things that remind us who we are.

Sometimes we need a more than a minute of peace.

On. Our. Own.

Without someone yelling just outside our door that "Johnny isn't sharing" or "Lucy took MY snack" or "Baby Joey is refining his ninja and acrobatic skills all at once, and has leaped out of the crib and is somersaulting out the front door while we all stand here panicking and yelling for MOM!!"

Every now and then, a break away is so needed. And so deserved.

Lucky for us in the Tri-County area, we have a FREE one-day Women's Break Away event that gives us the chance to do just that! Presented by the Faith Alliance Church of Chilton, all women are welcome to attend a day of education, connection and motivation. It's an entire event devoted to women of all ages, backgrounds and lifestyles. It isn't just for mom's, but it's a place where moms are more than welcome!

Enjoy a day dedicated to stress-free shopping, deliciously prepared meals, presentations that speak to our hearts, and seminars that give us a chance to nourish our minds with new ideas, and nurture our souls with things that bring us joy.

Join everyone to hear from the Keynote Speaker, Jennifer Shaw, as she shares with us how to embrace uncertainty in an inspiring and powerful presentation: “U-TURN: TRUSTING GOD WHEN LIFE CHANGES DIRECTION ” . Shaw is a Telly Award-winning speaker, author, singer, songwriter, and five-time Billboard Top 40 artist. And even more than that - she is a both a special needs and adoptive mom, who knows the tug and pull all moms face between giving everything to our family and staying connected with ourselves.

Break into smaller groups for a variety of educational and personal development seminars, led by inspiring speakers and accomplished role models from the local area, as well as from across the country! From a wide range of life topics, choose to attend two seminars that resonate with you.

Hear about technology's true impact on your children and how to manage all the gadgets. Forget those mom jeans and join others for tips and tricks to stay stylish on a budget. Reignite your passion (or continue that spark!) for crafting with recycled vintage and chic home decor ideas, or get the secrets behind organizing your home for a less hectic life.

Are you looking to connect - or re-connect - with your faith? A variety of seminars are designed to strengthen your relationship with God, including "Forgiveness and Forgiving" and the healing it brings, or finding the "Beauty in Your Brokenness" and understanding how to embrace grief and pain through life's journey.

Are you at a place where you aren't sure God is with you? Then all you need is "Jesus and Waterproof Mascara," a session about real-life situations and how the Lord works during these times.

Eager to embrace all the treasures within your child? "The Treasure Hunt: Discovering God's Design for Your Child" seminar helps you look into your child's heart and explore what makes them so special - learn about your child’s love language, learning styles, personality, pace, spiritual gifts, abilities, passions, and talents.

Amidst all that, you can also enjoy shopping from an assortment of area vendors. Peruse books, music CDs, DVDs, home décor, novelty gifts, learning materials, gorgeous scarves, and beautifully handcrafted merchandise. You also have a chance to win over 100 door prizes, from gift baskets to gift certificates and so much more!!

And did I mention this was all FREE?!?

Come to the Women's Break Away to connect with other vibrant women in the area. Catch up with friends and meet new ones. In need of a break away, but aren't sure you'll know anyone else there? Meet up with me, the mom behind Tri-County Kids , and know that plenty of others are feeling the same way! Spend the day with other women who are facing the same life situations you are. Reconnect with yourself, your passions and interests. Leave feeling inspired and motivated.

Because every now and then, a break away is exactly what's needed for all of us.

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April 22 at Chilton High School.

The Event is FREE, although freewill donations are appreciated.

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Event Details:

Women's Break Away presented by Faith Alliance Church of Chilton

April 22, 2017

8:00 am - 3:45pm

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Educational Seminars

Below are just some of the seminars offered that you can attend:


The landscape for parenting is constantly changing: smartphones, play stations, Facebook, Twitter, chat rooms, Instant Messaging, etc. Like viruses, the dangers your children are facing are quantum leaping by each passing day. When it comes to technology, what do you need to surrender or change in order to appropriately manage technology in your family? Led by Pastor Jim Jensen and Nick Rolf, you will discuss specific ways you can arm and equip yourself to protect your family from the dangers of technology.


Family demands, long to-do lists and no time for self. This is where many of us find ourselves today, or might it be more accurate to say, “lose ourselves?” But God knows the longings of your soul, including your great need to feel loved, accepted and connected to Him, the source of your ultimate strength and deepest refreshing. Marilyn BazettJones will share insights on carving out time for that essential revitalization, to find God in the quiet when your life may be anything but quiet!


Families want a peaceful, organized, happy home but how is it done? How do you become more efficient at things such as meal planning, room declutter, bill paying, school schedules, etc.? In this interactive seminar, Faith Jensen will give you guidelines on how to create your own personal, efficient, home organization system for a more enjoyable life. The techniques learned will give you the ability to free up time and money to do more of the things you would like to do.


Forgiveness is the cornerstone of healing, forgiveness that God extends to you through his Son, Jesus. Starting in Scripture at Psalm 32, Pastor Stephen Rose will show you the power that forgiveness has in healing in your life. Once the burden of sin is lifted and you are able to receive the overwhelming joy that comes from this knowledge, then you will have the ability to extend forgiveness to others. The blessing of forgiveness compels us to forgive.


Do you ever look in your closet and think, “I have nothing to wear!” Having the right pieces in your closet can open up an array of trendy fashion possibilities, and learning to accessorize well can change up your outfits in surprising ways. We all need a little fashion inspiration every now and then. Let Jillayne Bertram of Jillayne’s Boutique share her fashion secrets and tips on how to get the most out of your fashion budget while always being in style.


Life is messy. In the middle of the joy, celebration and goodness of life there are strokes of pain, loss, heartache, foolish choices, unrealized dreams, and wrecked relationships. This is brokenness. It is real but in there is also beauty. Ellen Stumbo doesn’t want to pretend that life is perfect. She doesn’t want to hide behind Christian clichés and say that, “God must have a plan,” “God will carry you through this,” “God works in mysterious ways,” or “God must have allowed it for a reason.” The statements are true but so are grief, loss and pain. Sometimes we feel them so deeply we wonder if we will be able to face one more tomorrow. We feel so broken. And this is where Ellen wants to meet you, to show you the beauty in your brokenness.


“Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6 This often quoted and misunderstood verse helps us understand how our children are designed by God to fulfill His purposes in their lives. Taught by Trish Propson, this seminar will uncover clues to discovering the treasure of your child’s love language, learning styles, personality, pace, spiritual gifts, abilities, passions, and talents.