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The trees may still be bare, but the sun is shining! It gives us all a little more reassurance that, even when it feels like winter may never end, summer really is on its way.

And with sunny days ahead, it's time to start mapping out summer fun! Summer camps in the Tri-County area gives kids the chance to get out and play, and explore our surroundings through a huge array of interests whether it be the creative arts, physical challenges, or getting outdoors with camp buddies.

There's so many camps to choose from, so that's why here at Tri-County Kids, we put together a Summer Camp Guide to help you choose the perfect camp for your kids!

Camp Y-Koda, Camp Manitou, Maywood, and Camp Evelyn are all geared up to keep your kids summer zinging with action. From Zombie Camp, to Jedi Juniors, to CSI Academy and World of Wizardry and Harry Potter, the summer camps offered have all the bases covered. New campers can test the waters with day camp fun, with overnight camps offered for more experienced campers. And when was the last time you went camping?! There's even family camp nights for everyone to join in the fun! Make it a summer adventure without worrying about a crowded campsite or hauling your own truck-full of activities.

Camp Anokijig has wild Adventure Trips, and resident camps for those looking for the full camp experience close to home.

Do you have ones that are too small to spend a whole day away, but still ready for exploration? Check out the creative offerings for half-day camps for toddlers from JMKAC, and Preschoolers at Bookworm Gardens & Rahr West Art Museum.

Calling all animal lovers! Sneak a peek behind the scenes at Zoo Camps offered at Lincoln Park Zoo. Or spend some hours sploshing and sloshing at the pond catching fogs, tadpoles and more at a variety of camps offered at Woodland Dunes Nature Center.

There's even a camp for beginning roller skaters, from ages 2 and up!

Looking for some FREE camp fun? Several different programs are available - from Sports Camp to Family Camp to Kids camp, complete with hiking, canoeing, and overnight fun!

From horses to clay creations, dance moves to theatre and drama, to getting your hands dirty and keeping your mind challenged, there's a camp for everyone!

Check out our full Summer Camp directory and get ready for summer!


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